Gloryfica is an independent composer who creates a world of fantasy, magic and another realm.

Her musical style is characterized by rich and cross-cultural instrumentation consisting of different mixtures of ethnic, symphonic instruments and etheric voices. Another characteristic of Gloryfica's music is that does not subscribe to any one style. Instead, it explores many different styles using unrelated influences and many instruments not commonly played together. As a result, it is a musical adventure for the listener, who is taken on a journey through exotic worlds and forgotten emotions. 

        Gloryfica's music aims to create and explore emotive imaginary and fantasy worlds in sound. The compositions traverse a span of moods that includes both light and darkness, bliss and fear, melancholy and feeling of a battlefield. The Native American flutes reach to a higher plane and take listeners along for the ride of tribal atmospheres.


        Ethnic Fusion and Fantasy music composer Joanna Sielewicz is a Polish-American multi-instrumentalist and a music producer whose mission is to help people experience the spiritual energies through the medium of music and visual arts to get touch with their inner selves. She is composer and producer of Gloryfica, a New-Age Fantasy and World music project. Joanna plays a variety of instruments from around the world, including Native American flutes. She is using her live performances as an opportunity to create vivid musical images and transport her audiences on a breathtaking odyssey of the mind, body and soul. Since 2013, she has played in many festivals across the U.S. including  "Tribal Vision Festival" in Taos, NM and "Ethnic Festival of Cultures" in Skokie, IL. 

"I consider my music an energy vibration which flows from other dimensions 

and shatters all accumulated dramas of our existence turning its debris into ashes...


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