Chasing the Trolls


This was such fun Sunday!  
It has been couple years since my last visit to Arboretum in Lisle, IL. 
It is a very beautiful place with old oaks and maple trees. 
It has this fairy tales atmosphere with sacred gardens and lakes. But this time I end up chasing the trolls! 
They build this huge size wooden troll figurines in a few places in the park, so people could walk quite a long distance in order to see all of them.                                        

While I was walking the forest I stopped by places to observe life of the flowers and plants.  
It felt so peaceful there, and listening to the songs of bees and beetles was truly a relaxing and healing time.

Finally, I found my first troll! I didn't expected this guy to be so huge! 
Actually this was a female troll.                  

 The walking path was truly relaxing...
 I was walking by lakes observing life of fishes 
 and was lucky to see muskrat swimming around his habitat.


I almost became a troll's appetizer! 
But you need to be prepared for this, when chasing the trolls.                      



After few hours of my journey I decide to take a sun bath.
Not only I had this luxury moment from sun but also I heard interesting conversational sounds of beetles as well. 
I love such music therapy from this little insects!  
In such a places like this one, it feels like we don't need much to be happy. 
We are a part of nature and we naturally missing such connection. 
I hope to bring this vibration to my home...                                                                      

Until next time friend
Xo xo!



Going back...               



          Music was always in me since I remember...                                                                                                                                                                           It might sound weird but I have vivid pictures of myself from infancy times where I am lying in my baby cot and listening to the lamps electric current flow in my parent's bedroom. I was kind of hypnotized by that sound and this current flow became my lullaby. My parents were actually very content with the fact that they had a very quiet baby. Of course, they didn't know why I was so calm;) So, my sensitivity to sounds developed through the years and I know as a fact that sound and music can change your life. If you will listen to certain sounds, its vibration will create an energy field which will influence your brain waves and also an anatomic structure of your body. At first, it might be unnoticeable to human eyes but if you will continue listening for months and years you will notice how you and your body have changed. As there are always two sides of a medal, there are also some coins of listening to high vibrational waves. You will become very sensitive in life and aware of even little things that happen around you. If you will find yourself sometimes in a presence of a low vibration environment, this might be a very painful experience especially for your mind...but that's enough of this philosophy for now. 

         So one day in the morning and in about 2 hours after sunrise, I decided to go out and have a morning walk on a very peaceful road through trees and woods. This road was maybe a mile distance from my apartment. It is a very beautiful path surrounded by tall pine trees, lakes and some river. There were many ducks and fishes swimming in the lakes. Also, an air was warm and so fresh which doesn't happen often in this part of Illinois. So when I was walking through this road, at some point ( maybe about 30 feet long), I've noticed that I feel somehow differently... I  observed that everything slowed down around me. I heard some voice inside of me but that voice wasn't constructed from words or sounds. It was vibration in me which I was able to understand and translate in my brain into a meaning. I remember that this energy was very celestial and profound, and had a female quality. I wasn't scared, I was curious what will come the next. The green color of trees became changing its color pallets into many green glittering shadows. It felt so good and cozy. My all senses have sharpened. Suddenly I realize that my body is no different than the body of trees and flowers, that we are all the same and united by this energy presence. I was trying to embrace these phenomena and at some point of this experience, I realized that I am transforming myself into a sound and a sound vibration (weird, isn't it?) This sound had a tone which was somehow familiar...reach, deep, soft and mellow. This sound was painting pictures in me. I saw canyons, deep oceans, beautiful jungles, and mystical caves. I became a bird flying over high mountains and a spirit of a river... 

At that moment in time, an idea and a desire for playing the Native American flute was born... it was such a magical experience. 

I still walk this path whenever I need some inspiration or relief. This energy is still there, and still the same for me... Just 30 feet of this walk path changed a direction of my life. 

I will end this story now, it is almost midnight here. 

Goodnight dear!


Divine Light


This was truly divine Sunday ...a spontaneous decision to drive 30 miles to experience this two most powerful energy sources: water and light. What a magical combination! To bad I didn't had my instruments to play to enforce the moment. I really like to be around the Deep Lake and enjoy this energies.There is something about this spot...feels like at home full of love, and a healing takes place...                                                                                

                                                                           warm sunset at the Deep Lake


Hello, my reader!

                   O Gosh! I even don't know how to start, but I am so happy to spread the news that finally, I am in my recording sessions again. It has been 4 years since the release of my first album "Astral Canyon"  and I feel so thrilled that I am doing this again! Creating a music album is like writing a book. Sometimes an artist needs months or even years before this one idea or this one song will appear in his mind as a blossoming flower. I feel so ready for the next musical adventure. It might sound weird but took me a couple of years to understand a sound in me. It is like finally meeting your love of life, such an empowering feeling. Today I am so ready to dive into this new project and can't wait to share it with my fans and followers.

I promise you, it is going to be an awesome journey,























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