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Epic Fantasy single from the upcoming album!



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first album


A magical sound...
The Gloryfica "Astral Canyon" album is a wonderful composition of sounds, ranging from soft, delicate tunes to more up-beat tribal ones. It is very easy to lose oneself in the in trance-like rhythms which take you far away into (as the title suggests) "astral" places. When listening to Gloryfica, you may feel all the power and mystique of the Native Americans of the West lands- you feel their sorrow as well as joy. I truly recommend this album for anyone that enjoys and appreciates deep, meaningful music that is composed with much heart and understanding of the creation of music.The flute sound takes you into magical places... it is a beautiful piece!
~Linda Wojtas~

Thank you Gloryfica. Your music opened my body to a healing process. It is a wonderful stress releaser ....everybody please dance this music outside and inside, dance with it..... and experience it.
~Iwona Dudzinska~

It went for beyond my expectation please grab up all of her music you can get your hands on she is a God send. I am sure everyone will be hearing a lot more about her in the future.
~Wil Johnson~

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